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Our complete nutritional system includes Super Mix, Avian Skin Care, and Avi-Lyte Plus.  Our nutritional system has been proven through 30 years of practical experience and usage on hundreds of birds of over 30 different types ranging from finches to macaws. It has been proven with hand fed babies, breeders, etc. It has improved behavior and been used successfully in bird rehabilitation. 

Our nutritional products are all natural and have been clinically tested and proven effective.

Brightwood Bird's nutritional products were developed by Dr. Davis through extensive practical experience and postgraduate study. He has a degree in avian nutrition, is certified in ornithology, has over 30 years experience and is highly recommended. The entire staff of Brightwood Bird Clinic has been educated and trained by in the fields of proper avian nutrition and behavior and are here to assist you.

Did you know that 85% of the problems you could have with a bird are nutritionally related? Does your bird pick its feathers, make a lot of noise, or have a bad temperament? A good diet can improve all these behaviors as well as others. BRIGHTWOOD BIRD'S SUPER MIX is a fortified low-fat diet rich in B vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients for the overall health of your bird.

You may have heard somewhere that seeds are bad for your birds. This is not true. It is only that an all seed diet lacks certain nutrients such as calcium and B vitamins and some amino acids that your bird needs to stay healthy. We do not advocate a seed only diet, but a fortified and supplemented seed diet is currently the best for your bird's health. Most birds in their natural environment eat seeds and supplement them with other items in the environment. It is natural for birds to eat seeds--don't mess with Mother Nature! : )

Pellets are the latest rage these days. While they may eventually become an ideal food, they have a long way to go. They did not have pellets over 2,000 years ago and the birds did fine. There are many drawbacks to pelletized avian diets as they currently exist--not the least of which is the cost. There are many stories we could relate about pet owners and breeders losing birds to improperly prepared pellets. If you knew the source of some items used to make current pelletized diets, you would never consider using them. Two examples/reasons not to use pellets are:


Simple sugars and sugar ingredients such as honey, corn syrup, molasses and others are frequently used in formulated diets (pellets). These sources can provide a basis for yeast and fungal infections such as candida and aspergillus.


The use of animal by-products in pelletized commercial diets can contain a high number of pathogens which can cause your bird to become sick or even die.

(Brightwood Bird Clinic's Advanced Nutritional Formula is a simplified, safe nugget that does not use these risky source ingredients).

BRIGHTWOOD BIRD'S SUPER MIX is a seed mixture fortified with extra nutrients to ensure a complete and balanced diet. It has the right amount of protein for the bird's health, carbohydrates for energy and is low in fat to protect that health. Each seed type is selected for what it can do for the bird and balanced in the right proportion. We use a small seed mix that prevents the bird from unbalancing it by picking and choosing as can be done with traditional mixes.

A low fat diet is extremely important for a domestic bird. Your bird is not out in the wild flying miles every day burning off fat. Instead, it is in your home where flying is limited. Most pet birds are prone to obesity and vulnerable to fatty liver disease (especially African Greys). This shortens their lives, makes them susceptible to other health problems and may adversely affect their behavior.

Brightwood Bird's diet is about 4% fat which is the lowest fat content you will find in a bird diet. Our balanced diet has no fillers, no waste, and no preservatives. It is all natural and is packed fresh. Buy our nutritional products to improve your bird's health and as an added bonus, save money over what you are using now.


We carry many treat foods as well as other nutrition and health related items in addition to those listed below. Mail orders available.

SUPER MIX balanced diet*


Avian Skin Care/Wheat Germ Oil


Spray Millet

Avimin Minerals

Oat Groats


Avitron Vitamins

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BB Readi-Mix Baby Formula

*A fortified low-fat diet rich in B vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients for the overall health of your bird.
**A powerful advanced nutritional and biological stress product to ensure optimum continuing health.
Our Advanced Nutrition Formula Nuggets and Crumbles are in development and will be available soon.