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Avian Skin Care supplement with wheat germ oil is a nutritional supplement that provides many benefits to pet birds.  It contains several natural oils including wheat germ oil, which provides vitamins A, E, and D3.  Vitamin D3 is also known as the “sunshine” vitamin.


Avian Skin Care aids in the absorption of calcium, one of the most important minerals for the health of a pet bird.  Just because a bird is given calcium in some form does not mean it is absorbed by its system, especially in the quantity needed.  The vitamin D3 contained in Avian Skin Care will help ensure that when an adequate amount of calcium is ingested, it will be absorbed to the extent required.


This product helps improve skin and feather quality.  It can help restore lost plumage and heal scaly skin.  It is especially useful for birds with picking problems.  Avian Skin Care should still be used for healthy birds to help keep their resources and health at an optimal level and provide shiny plumage and healthy skin.  In cases of severe or long-term picking, please contact us for further recommendations.  It can also aid in restoring sick and debilitated birds to a more normal status.


It is an aid to prevention of egg binding and smoothes the flow within the gastro-intestinal tract.  This is of particular value to breeding hens, but provides the same protection to female pet birds that may lay eggs on their own when they reach maturity.


Avian Skin Care is added to the bird’s regular food.  Do not mix in; just drip the dosage on the surface of the food.  For regular maintenance, we recommend about five to seven drops per week per bird, depending upon the size of the bird.  This same amount can be given a second time per week during molting season, when breeding or when skin and plumage is extremely damaged.  This increased dosage should only be maintained for about four weeks without special recommendation.  Please contact us about special cases or with specific questions. This product will last longer and maintain its value and stability better if it is refrigerated and shaken up before using


To ensure your bird's optimum health on a continuing basis, Avian Skin Care should be used in combination with SUPER MIX and AVI-LYTE©PLUS.  These products are only available through Brightwood Bird Clinic.  Please contact us for more information.


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