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We specialize in bird nutrition and bird behavior. We are very reputable, highly recommended and are experienced, trained, and dedicated to proper bird care. We provide comprehensive bird care and rehabilitation through our nutritional program, products, and in-depth seminars. We also provide personalized clinic services for bird owners. We have provided these services for 35 years.

Brightwood Bird's entire staff is experienced and very knowledgeable. We have outstanding credentials and specialize in bird nutrition and behavior and conduct bird care seminars.Dr. Davis has a Ph.D. and a Masterís Degree in avian nutrition, a certificate in ornithology from Cornell University and is on the national avian-veterinarian hot line. He has written numerous articles on bird behavior and bird nutrition.

As a private clinic and breeder located in Mentor, Ohio we have hand-fed babies, new and used cages at a discount and an excellent nutritional program.We maintained an aviary of over 300 birds of 30 different kinds for over 35 years and raised everything from parakeets to macaws and hand-fed all the babies.

Anything you want from a pet store, we can provide for you at a reduced price. Some of our special products, such as SUPER MIX and AVI-LYTE PLUS are not available in any pet store. Our nutritional products are all natural and have been clinically tested and proven effective.

For your convenience, we ship. However, where possible we like to meet you and provide personal attention. We'd be happy to hear from you if you have comments, questions, or would like to set up an appointment.